Marching Lions

FMBC – State Competition


Rehearsal Dates

11/17: 6-9pm (game field)

11/19: 6-9pm (game field)

11/20: No Rehearsal

Showcase Volunteers

It is time for our annual Winter Lion Showcase!!! We are looking for volunteers to sell tickets during lunchtime, sell tickets at the door, and help with ushering. There are 3 shows so you can enjoy the show with your family one day and volunteer another.

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Iron Horse Show Reference

September 23: Drill & Coordinates – UPDATED


Parents, soccer season is underway.  We provide Concessions and our students work the games to earn money for their student accounts – this money can carryover to next years band/guard fees.  Adults are there to provide supervision and to help when it’s busy but primarily, the students handle all the jobs – cashier, cooking, popcorn, pretzels, clean up, etc. Student sign up is in the band room. if you can cover any of the open games – report time is 4:30 for first game and 6:30 for the second or 30 minutes prior to game start.   The following are the soccer dates:
Boys 11/18 – need one adult at 4:30 shift
Girls 11/20 – Adults are covered (game 1 begins at 4pm student report is 3:30)
Girls 11/24 – Adults are covered
Boys 12/4 – Adults are covered
Boys 12/11 – Adults are covered (one game only at 6pm)
Girls 12/15 – need one adult at 4:30 shift
Boys 12/16 – Adults are covered
Girls 12/17 – JV only – need one adult at 4:30 (5pm game only)
Girls 1/5 – need two adults for 4:30 game and one adult for 6:30 game
Boys 1/8 – Adults are covered
Boys  1/12 – Adults are covered
Boys 1/14 – Playoffs at 5:30 – two games – need one adult
Any questions, email Thank you for supporting our Band Concession program.

All County Auditions – November 12

Participation Agreement | Requirements | Audition Etudes


All Band Parent Volunteers & Staff – click here to connect with SCPS and register as a dividend. Be sure to select OHS as your school of choice so we can verify all chaperones, bus captains, equipment crew, concessions workers, event assistants and staff are eligible to volunteer with our students.

Ad Space Available

OHS Marching Lion Equipment trailers are renewing ad space. This is a wonderful opportunity for new band members because the ad is good for three years. Download Informational Flyer

Student Accounts

It is important to run the band and colorguard programs to bring your student’s account up to date. We cannot run these programs without these funds.


Fundraising opportunities are available:

Students may work concessions throughout the year to earn money for their account.

You can now pay online.  Click here to get started.