Welcome New OHS Band and Guard Family Members!

For Band absences from rehearsals or performances, please email 




Color Guard
Laura Ripple – auxiliary@oviedoband.com


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Oviedo High School Band and Color Guard Parents (private FB group for current band/guard parents)

Oviedo High School Band and Color Guard (public FB page)



2024 Schedule

July 24th: Parent Meeting and Band Camp Registration 7:00 p.m.

July 29th – August 2nd: Band Camp 12:00 – 9:00 p.m.

August 5th – August 9th: Band Camp Continued 12:00 – 9:00 p.m.

August 9th: Band Camp Family Potluck 6:00 p.m.

August 9th: Friends and Family Show 8:00 p.m.

Have your student get acclimated to the heat and start hydrating at least 1 week prior to camp.

Eat before camp starts, no dairy/eggs it does not fair well in the heat along with exercise. They will receive a snack & a dinner break. Pack (healthy) snacks & dinner if not purchased through the OHSBBA.


Water & Gatorade are the best….NO soda. 1/2 gallon jug (or larger) with water. Label name on jug. Chaperones will re-fill the jugs as needed.


Shorts, T-Shirts, Tank top at a minimum for male & female, hat, socks, tennis sneakers,


  Miscellaneous Needs

Sunscreen, (we cannot apply for your student) bug spray, medication, pencil. Transportation is not provided to camp or rehearsals. Have your student talk to their section leader and other band mates to try to carpool. 


June 26

July 17

July 24

5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p. m.



This is for marching season, NOT band camp

Students leave uniforms in the band room. From home your student needs to bring their MTX marching shoes, long black socks, black gym shorts, band T-shirt and shako (the hat).


A couple of days before a game/competition, keep an eye out for information with the schedule for that event…report time…location…estimated pick up time. Information will be posted on the website as well within a week before an event.


One of the best things you can do is get involved! The band/guard is a fantastic, dedicated group of kids and they really need a supportive group of parents to help make everything run smoothly. Volunteer opportunities: chaperone, concessions, help with equipment, or go to games and cheer on our kids.


The band performs at halftime
games – we perform 1st and we face the home stands (some parents will walk over to the home side just to see the show)

Home games we perform 2nd and face our fans! If you are attending a home game it’s best to get there early and get seats up high (it’s the best view of the band). The closer you sit to concessions the better, and again, the higher you get the better the view!


You will need to feed your student before the game. If they don’t come home after school, most kids will walk to Sonic, Publix or Subway until report time. We provide water in the stands for all games and competitions. We will pre-order food for both away and home games. Please check back regularly for the link to pre-order for the season.


    Dismissal time is approximate…it depends on the game…

Home Games – the students play the Alma Matter and then march off the field into the amphitheater for a quick talk from Mr. Chowning & the drum majors. They then return uniforms and instruments to the band room and go home.

Away Games – a text will be sent giving the estimated arrival time of the buses. The kids remain on the buses until all of the equipment is unloaded from the trailer, which arrives on the administration loop. They then are released to the band room to return uniforms and instruments.

Parents – wait in their cars in the parking lot. Choose a numbered spot and make sure you and your student know where you are parked. DO NOT park alongside the auditorium; please do not come into the band room as 130 kids are returning (it’s organized chaos). Please also be on time for pick up as chaperones and band directors have to stay until ALL students are picked up!